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Titanium Alloy Bars & Titanium Bar Stock Suppliers

Titanium Alloy Bars Manufacturers & Titanium Bar Stock Suppliers

Titanium bar stock suppliers like BFDongguan.com offers high-quality titanium alloy bar for the solid applications that last longer and build stronger structures. An ideal choice for high-grade titanium applications in construction.

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Titanium Alloy Bars From Top Chinese Titanium Bar Stock Suppliers

Browse the latest range of Titanium alloy bars from SIHON BFDongguan Ltd. BFDongguan which is the world’s biggest titanium bar stock suppliers from China – believes in true quality and delivering utmost satisfaction to our customers by offering them high-quality Titanium alloy bars.

BFDongguan manufactures high precision and high strength titanium bars and titanium alloy bars, especially, Gr5 (Ti-6Al-4V), Gr23 (Ti-6AL-4V ELI) and Gr9 (Ti-3AL-2.5V) titanium bars for strength required applications, regarding Gr5 titanium bars, we have special processing technology. The tensile strength can reach 1100mpa, yield strength can reach 1000mpa for titanium Gr5 (Ti-6AL-4V) bars. For anti-corrosion applications, we supply CP titanium, Gr7 (Ti-0.2pd), Gr11 (Ti-0.2pd with lower iron and oxygen) and Gr12 (Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni) titanium bars.  The Table shows details of the titanium bar stocks we supply globally:


Titanium Grade

Grade1 to Grade4 CP titanium, Grade5(Ti-6AL-4V), Grade7(Ti-0.2pd), Grade9(Ti-3AL-2.5V), Grade11(Ti-0.2pd), Grade12(Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni), Gr23(Ti-6AL-4V ELI),


ASTM B348 for ordinary applications,ASTM F67 and ASTM F136 for medical applicationsAMS 4928 for aerospace applications


Rolled bars:Diameter: 6.0mm to 40mmLength: 1000mm to 4000mm
Forged bars:Diameter: 25mm to 350mmLength: max 4000mm


h7, h8, h9 or according to customers’ requirements.




EN10204 3.1 mill certificate or 3.2 certificate from third party(TUV, SGS, etc)


Electric corrosion marking, Laser marking.Titanium Grade, dimensions, standards, Heat No can be marked on the bar.


Wooden Case


Little Knowlege by BFDongguan.com (Titanium Bar Stock Suppliers):

About commercially pure titanium, the intensity depends on the content of O and Fe. The pure titanium is softer when the content of the O and Fe is less; the pure titanium has more strength when the content of the O and Fe is more. According to the content of the O and Fe, there is 4 grade of the intensity for pure titanium.

The soft pure titanium is good for corrosion resistance and machinability. However, if the higher intensity is required, titanium with a high content of O and Fe is the best choice. When we use titanium, we have to know the physical property of the titanium as well, below the table showing titanium physical property.

Pure Titanium Physical Property
Physical Property Pure Titanium TP340 Titanium Alloy     Ti-6AI-4V Steel   SPCC Stainless Steel  SUS304 Aluminium Alloy   A5052P Magnesium Alloy AZ31 Copper C1020-0
Melting Point 1668 1540-1650 1530 1400-1427 476-638 630 1083
Density 4.51 4.43 7.9 7.9 2.8 1.77 8.93
Expansion Factory 8.4 8.8 12.0 17.0 23.0 25.0 17.0
Heat conductivity 17 7.5 63 16 121 159 385
Electrical Conductivity 3.1 1.0 18.0 2.4 30.0 40.0 100.0
Resistance 0.550 1.702 0.097 0.720 0.058 0.043 0.017

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