Titanium Welding Wires

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Titanium Welding Wires


Product Description

Titanium a natural existing element is found within the earth’s crust which makes it most viable for reliable industrial applications. Titanium although holds numerous capabilities but its two most valuable properties are corrosion resistance, and the noblest quality is the thickness proportion of any metallic element. In its unalloyed condition, titanium is as solid as a few plates of steel, yet less dense. There are two allotropic forms and five actually happening isotopes of this component. The alloyed form of Titanium can beat any metal concerning resistance against harsh industrial anomalies that can be in the shape of any chemical or a chain of reactions.

Why Titanium Welding?

If we are talking about the industrial application of titanium welding, then a lot of folks find this question irritating as to why the industrial level welding relies more on Titanium. The answer is pretty straightforward, for an industrial-grade welding every safety of structure is kept in mind. Welding that can sustain extreme temperature and conditions would most likely stand out in terms of reliability, security and longer lasting capability. Titanium possesses an excellent resistance against the dreariest of the conditions; it can be in the form of acid, corrosion and any other detrimental chemical that might cause problems in any structure. As far as the temperature resistance is concerned Titanium welding can bear up to -322 degree Fahrenheit at the coolest of extremities and the highest temperature it can bear is 1100 degree Fahrenheit that beats any metal in the periodic table comfortably. Now as far as the pressure sustenance is concerned Titanium again proves itself to be the primary metal that can easily carry the pressure up to 120,000 psi comparing to the stainless steel that bears up to 36,000 psi and the aluminum that can handle up to 40,000 psi. Titanium is a definite answer to the industrial application where the structural safety is the biggest concern.

The Industrial Demand of Titanium Welding Wires

From the above notion, it is quite clear that Titanium is one of the reliable metal as far as strength and solidity are concerned. Titanium welding wires are used for the industrial-grade welding of pipes, structures, sheets, and it acts as the prime sealant that never shows any sign of breakout with a success rate of up to 90% in industrial production.

Why Choose Sihon

Sihon is a top brand of Chinese Titanium Dioxide Industry. The Company produced Titanium welding wires are supplied throughout China. We provide the best service to our valued consumer. Our manufactured Titanium wires are long-lasting, produced through advanced level machinery and a delicately intricate process to ensure maximum strength.

Improved Titanium Welding Wires

Sihon manufactures titanium welding wire beyond measures as these wires are produced to bear the large heat. These filler metals can enhance welding experience as quality is our top priority that makes welding easier & safer.


Quality Assured Products

The company mainly focuses on quality. Enhanced quality Titanium material is used throughout welding wire production. Quality production & maintenance of products is guaranteed as Our QC staff works 24/7 to maintain quality standards ensuring that each product matches international quality standards.
Cost Efficient Welding Wires

Cost efficient Titanium welding wires are our primary strength as company keenly looks forward to building good business relations. The company assures no compromise on quality due to reduced cost. We provide cost beyond measures to our valued consumers thus our numerous discount offers can be availed time to time.

Titanium Wire Services

The titanium wires we supply must be round cross area and produced rolling so as to use titanium bars or drawing. They can be conveyed to you in straight, loop or spool as indicated by your requirements and specifications. Being a top supplier and manufacturer of titanium tubes and other titanium products we provide quick delivery along with quick response in terms of troublesome situations which is a rarely case. Any problem is dealt with strictly as we thrive to achieve optimum level of consumer satisfaction.

Titanium Grade Grade1 to Grade4 CP titanium, Grade5(Ti-6AL-4V), Grade7(Ti-0.2pd), Grade9(Ti-3AL-2.5V), Grade11(Ti-0.2pd), Grade12(Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni), Ti15333, Ti 6242
Specifications AWS A5.16, AMS standards, ASTM B863
Size Straight wire: Dia0.8 to 6mm x 1000mmSpool wire: Dia 0.03 to 3mm x spoolCoil wire: Dia 0.03 to 6mm x coil
Tolerance According to the standards
Surface Pickled surface or polished surface
Certificate EN10204 3.1 mill certificate or 3.2 certificate from third party(TUV, SGS, etc)
Package Wooden Case or Plastic package


Detailed Specifications for titanium wires:

Titanium Grade Specifications
CP titanium AMS 4951, AWS A5.16
Ti 15333 AMS 4914
Ti 6242 AMS 4952