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Titanium Metal Sheets Foil Suppliers & Manufacturers

BFDongguan: Titanium Foil & Metal Sheets Suppliers & Manufacturers

BFDongguan is popular as Titanium sheet manufacturers that also produces Titanium metal sheets. Globally, they are quite recognized as the best Titanium sheet suppliersTitanium foil supplier, and Titanium sheets supplier. Titanium buyers all over the world trust BFDongguan for our quality Titanium products.

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Product Description

Genuine Titanium Sheet Manufacturers & Suppliers of Quality Titanium Sheets & Foils – SIHON BFDongguan

SIHON BFDongguan Industrial Ltd. is one of the leading Titanium sheet manufacturers from China. We also commercially serve as authentic Titanium sheet suppliers & Titanium foil supplier to supply top grade Titanium metal sheets and Titanium foils as building and structural material at large scale. There are numerous pros of titanium sheets which promote them to a prime spot as compared to any other metals in the world.

Pros of Titanium Metal Sheets & Foils

1-Titanium foil supplier offers high resistance Titanium foils and sheets against corrosion; these titanium metal sheets can easily bear the weary conditions with their rigid structure built precisely to handle chemical reactions, corrosion and any toxic material.

2- Titanium metal is non-toxic in nature and hence assures a safe alternative to the processing of drinkable water. Therefore, these Titanium foils and sheets are extensively used in large scale water processing plants.

3- Titanium metal sheets offer light weightiness compared to copper and iron. The specific gravity of Titanium is half of the copper metal and nearly one-third of the iron metal.

4- Titanium sheets offer an extravagant advantage against heat; it possess smallest expansion or shrinkage against high and low temperatures respectively. It is also known for its non-combustible property making it an ideal and the safest choice against stainless steel or copper.

5- Titanium metal sheets offer immaculate strength against impact due to the tight cohesion of particles bonding the metallic surface.

If you want to shop the best grade Titanium foils and Titanium metal sheets for using them in your construction needs? BFDongguan Titanium Co. Ltd. has been a well known Titanium Sheets Supplier in China who has been renowned among worldwide customers. We are supplying the best quality titanium sheets manufactured by the purest Titanium metal found on Earth. We have been supplying Titanium sheets and foils to various world regions including Europe, America and Middle East. We are famous producers in the world of Titanium foils and are manufacturing top grade Titanium metal sheets for using them in diverse construction needs. Our produced pure sheets are durable and high in the performance that are employed in different industries for making useful structures and equipment.

SIHON is a reliable Titanium foil supplier from China who has an extensive stock of Titanium foils and titanium metal sheets that are being manufactured according to the needs of construction with quality and durability. We have been supplying high-class titanium sheets in different specifications that are being used in various constructional projects. These titanium foils and sheets can be easily processed or cut by using any metal cutter and metal processing machines. We manage to produce durable and efficient performance titanium sheets, according to requirements of our esteemed customers in their particular needs.

Titanium Metal Sheets & Foils Demand:

It is our core responsibility to supply the high-class metallic sheets to our esteemed customers being reliable Titanium sheet suppliers. We wish to serve our customers well as they do need quality, and we provide them quality titanium foils and sheets for their production needs. We are here to fulfill our customers’ requirements, according to their specific manufacturing needs. We have different specifications of titanium metal sheets just right to fulfill our customers demands for production.

Titanium Metal Sheets & Foils Quality:

SIHON believes in true quality and we are dedicated to providing high-grade titanium foils and titanium sheets to worldwide customers. Our customers trust on our valued and quality metallic white titanium metal sheets and titanium foils that are highly in demand from various world regions where our customers buy our titanium sheets and foils use them in various constructional projects. Titanium Sheets Supplier is dedicated to providing these high-class sheets to various parts of the world and wishes to move our products still in far countries than now.

Titanium Metal Sheets & Foils Specification:

Here are the following specifications of titanium sheets and titanium foils available for customers :

Titanium Grade Grade1 to Grade3 CP titanium, Grade5 (Ti-6AL-4V), Grade7 (Ti-0.2pd), Grade9(Ti-3AL-2.5V), Grade12(Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni),
Specifications ASTM B861, ASTM B337, ASTM B338, ASTM B862
Size Seamless rolled sheet: OD(2.0-219)xWT(0.3-12)xL(max 18000mm)
Welded sheet:OD(20-600)xWT(1.0-15)xL(max 6000mm)
Gr5(6AL4V) sheet: OD(5.0-400)xWT(0.5-30)xL(max 2000mm)
Tolerance According to the standards
Surface Pickled surface, Polished surface or machined surface
Certificate EN10204 3.1 mill certificate or 3.2 certificate from third party(TUV, SGS, etc.)
Package Wooden Case

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